1. From my photo shoot for “Punk Goes To Yale”, an article from from this weeks’ Billboard Mag, here are a couple of my recent portraits taken of Danny Fields in his West Village apartment on May 15th, 2014. 

    Danny was the first Manager of The Ramones and an instrumental figure in the careers’ of Iggy Pop, Nico, MC5 and others.

  2. Here goes: I photographed the #cover of the annual #sex issue of @timeoutnewyork - on news stands now! I made it with a great, big group of people we found on craigslist. People got in all kinds of positions and It lasted all day. In the end everyone was exhausted. All of them came from Craigslist. I can’t speak for everyone but I personally felt satisfied. Some money may have exchanged hands between myself and @rkplus13 @deacsy @jordanzuppa @romek_ @smulligan_ @bencoolidge @dasroc …making each of us sex workers. It’s a shame but it’s the nature of these kinds of things.

  3. Recent portrait of Philadelphia’s infamously troubled sports anchor, Don Tollefson. Shot for @phillymag @mcalvinwilson @jvhawkes - love me a #fullbleed !! #blackandwhite #closeup

  4. #Magenta #Gels & #Grids

  5. #Ranunculus #Buttercup #Gels

  6. Missing - please return to owner.

  7. My right hand covered in drywall.

  10. My recent portrait of former commander-in-chief, President Bill Clinton. Special thanks to Mia Diehl and Brandon Kavulla for what I’ll always recall as a touchstone experience!

  11. Ralph Nader for Fortune Magazine. 

    Career consumer advocate.

    Photographed on January 29th, 2014 at the Carnegie Institute of Science in Washington D.C. 

  12. I was recently commissioned to photograph five generations of descendants of Solomon Northup, author of “12 Years a Slave”. The feature can be seen in this week’s newsstand ‘Oscar’s Edition’ of The Hollywood Reporter as well as here.

    However small, I feel honored to play a role in the sharing of Solomon Northup’s legacy. It was definitely an experience that I’ll always treasure. Enjoy!

  14. Tokyo

  15. The Fashion Portrait.